SILVER BELL CLUB - LODGE  #2365          
                                        of the     
                                          POLISH NATIONAL ALLIANCE    

Since 1880,  the PNA began providing insurance protection for Americans of Polish origins and ancestry, their families, friends and neighbors,  both by owning quality life insurance and by taking advantage of our many excellent fraternal programs.                  History of the Silver Bell Club #2365

  In 1925,  twenty-six (26) young sports minded men banded together to form an athletic club which became the Silver Bell Club.   These men were of Polish and Slovak origin.   The club's primary objective was to participate in various competitive sports of boxing, baseball, and basketball. 

  The club became affiliated with the Polish National Alliance of North America, the largest Polish Fraternal organization in America.  To distinguish this Lodge, it was named the "PNA Silver Bell Club, Group # 2365.

  In 1944, the Club, leased a building at 1700 Massachusetts
Street.   At the end of World War II,
it beca
me a place to reunify the neighborhood GI's returning home from military service.

  In 1950, the Club purchased the former Gleason Welfare Center.  In1995, the first amendment to
the Constitution and By-Laws were written and adopted
, for new members and the inclusion of 
sport activities.   

In 1974, the President, initiated the first annual "Sports Awards Banquet". Two champion
members were honored, Tony Zale, former world middle-weight boxing champ and Hank Stram, former head coach of the super bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. This sports award program drew crowds from 700 to 900 people to the event. This continuing event features National sports figures, honoring
graduating high school students of Polish-Slovak decent.

The Club purchased a 50 acre site and hall at 10310 Grand Blvd., in Crown Point, Indiana,
in 1997. A catastrophic fire destroyed the 5,000 square foot hall on Christmas Eve, in 2004.  Currently meetings are
 held at:   

                                               Gary Sportsman's Club
                                               10101 Madison St.
                                               Crown Point, IN  

                                 SILVER BELL CLUB'S SYMBOL....THE BELL

Silver: means faith, purity, high and mighty, it also can mean having the soft, clear tones of a SILVER BELL.

Purple: means high rank or royalty , a cloth or garment was formally worn by sovereigns, hence it has connection with royal power, or dignity; preeminence
(having highest rank or wealth).

The future of the Silver Bell Club has been based on a firm foundation, the goal will be to increase membership, in order to continue it's Fraternal and civic endeavors for the Northwest Community as well as Polonia.

Mailing address:   Silver Bell Club
                         P.O. Box 162
 Hobart, In 46342



 The PNA Emblem..       
The original emblem, in 1880, did not show the hand shake nor the leafs or sunburst. The emblem in reality, is a relic form the January, 1863, uprising of Poland against Russia.  It was designed by the Revolutionary Government as a reminder that the Royal Republic of Poland was a commonwealth of three nations who shared the glories and misfortunes of the State.

The white eagle on the red shield represents crown lands, or Poland proper;  the white knight on blue shield known ad Pogonb (the chase) is the coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania while St. Michael, Archangel symbolized the Duchy of Ruthenia.

The crown over the eagle's head was used when kings and queens ruled Poland.  The cross attached
 to the crown, signifies Catholicity of Poland, being christianized in 1966.

The handshake signifies brotherhood and fraternalism.

The laurel leaves denote honor, fame, glory and honesty.

The oak leaves on the left, denote strength, firmness,lastingness stability and durability.

Joining the PNA a "Dawn of a New Day" means a brighter more secure future.  This is the meaning
of the sunburst.


A Brief History

The Polish National Alliance of the United States of North America, popularly known today as the PNA or the Alliance, is the largest of all ethnically-based fraternal insurance benefit societies in this country. On December 31, 1996 the PNA counted 230,359 life insurance and 6,873 annuity holders in its ranks. Its members held a total of $721,660,990 of insurance with the PNA. The PNA is licensed to do business in 37 states and the District of Columbia. The total assets of the Polish National Alliance are $304,805,343.

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